2016 was the year that the wedding banana became a thing and may it emerge as a tradition that stands the test of time. My research into the fruit – for the purposes of producing this blog post though subsequently I felt that it was a journey best engaged with on an individual basis so I’ll leave the pleasure of discovering all the facts in hands with such interests – has convinced me that I need to eat more of them. That aside, it’s great to see such innovation at work and my thanks for my exposure to this particular innovation goes to whichever of Laura & Tim’s friends presented them with such a fine gift on their wedding day.

I’m not sure that it is something that would sit well, in the long term, in a frame but a framed photograph of the artefact should do the trick just nicely.

I travelled 6774 miles by road and a further 2020 miles by air throughout the year finding myself in East Sussex, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Suffolk, Leicestershire, Cornwall again, the Venetian gulf, Dorset, Cheshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire a second time, Buckinghamshire, another part of Dorset, yet another part of Dorset, County Down, Bedfordshire, London, Hampshire, Somerset again then Wiltshire. I enjoyed the variety of landscape. I’m looking forward to driverless cars achieving ubiquity.

2016 was also a year that seemed to go bananas, though not in any sense that might be related to the wedding banana. Indeed as the year progressed I often found myself thankful for the great solace that I found in those events that I was privileged to be included in as a story-teller, that in addition to the thorough enjoyment that I always find in such occasions, in my work. I got to know anew and I got to know afresh and further people that nourished my mind and my soul much as bananas might nourish my bones. Not those metaphorical bananas of course but our real bananas as pictured. I look forward to finding similar sustenance in 2017’s weddings and for now will take sustenance from revisiting those that I photographed during this year past.

A big thank you from me to Claire & Paul and Becky & Tom and Camilla & Tom and Lottie & Maurice and Laura & Tim and Dean & Emma and Sarah & Andrew and Jaime & Nicola and Georg & Emi and Annika & Stuart and Hannah & Aled and Lucinda & Seb and Adam & Rachel and Stuart & Sian and Hana & Doug and Joseph & Victoria and Emily & Matt and Chris & Claudia and Joe & Miranda and Tom & Rebecca and Colin & Michelle and Julia & Simon, to each of them and to their families and friends for being such fantastic people to spend time amongst and with as I travelled through this year past. I wish them all and all that pass this way the very best possible year to come.

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