Since first establishing my Web site I’ve often wondered if I should add a testimonials section. Occasionally, I dare say, I’ve struggled with the notion. I suspect I suffer from being overly bashful but let’s just leave it as me is me (even when I’m being wilful in my grammatical inelegance but I didn’t want to load Gloria Gaynor’s I am what I am into everyone’s internalised juke-box; though then again, why not?) and it’s all of me that goes into the work that I produce.

Still, it’s of fundamental importance to me that my clients are happy with what I deliver to them, both on a professional and on a personal footing, and I am aware that for prospective clients quite naturally looking to make the right decision in their choice of wedding photographer, hearing what some of my previous clients had to say about their experience might be of use.

Whilst I’ve accumulated an abundance of communications with my clients through the post-wedding delivery process I default to viewing these communications as personal (yes indeed, I could ask if I might use their words publicly; perhaps it’s that overly bashful thing at play) but it struck me that there’s a rather nice body of appraisal of my work already out there, in the public domain. From time to time, weddings that I’ve photographed are featured on wedding inspiration blogs, in particular Rock My Wedding. In putting together these pieces the blog will provide the featured couple with a questionnaire containing an array of questions about their big day, the planning process leading up to it, the decisions they made and what their experiences, thoughts and feelings came down to. One of those questions will focus on the photography and the photographer.

So here are some examples. I think they make for great unmediated testimonials and I encourage you to click through to read the fuller features as I do get myself some highly articulate and engaging clients and I’m sure you’ll love reading about their wedding days as much as I loved photographing them.


Rommalee & Dan booked me to photograph their wedding in Dorset but then decided to return to where they got engaged to do it all, so I followed them to Vejer de la Frontera in Spain. Their wedding was featured in two parts on Rock My Wedding (links below). Dan responded to the RMW questionnaire and this is what he had to say about my involvement in his and Rommalee’s wedding day:

(If you’re curious about the ‘encore’ reference, ask me; it’s perhaps an amusing story but one that requires considered elaboration).

You can read the full story of Rommalee & Dan’s wedding day over at Rock My Wedding in Dan The Man… Part 1 and Part 2 (and do also read through to the comments section to see what both Rommalee and Dan had to say there). You can also read my three part take on their wedding, starting with Vejer de la Frontera : Rommalee & Dan : Part One


Sarah & Tim celebrated their wedding in their back garden in Hampshire, in a marquee built by Tim and decorated with glassware and crockery that Sarah had spent two years collecting from car boot sales and on eBay. Their wedding was likewise featured in two parts on Rock My Wedding and this is what Sarah had to say about my role:

Read the full feature on Sarah & Tim’s wedding over on Rock My Wedding: Organic Sunshine… Part 1 and Part 2. And my take on their Hampshire back garden wedding here.


Katie & Tom are both from the UK (Katie from Dorset, Tom from Norfolk) but live in Melbourne, Australia and planned their Dorset wedding from there in just 12 weeks. This is Katie’s take on my involvement in her and Tom’s wedding day, on Rock My Wedding:

Read the full feature over on Rock My Wedding in The Perfect Match and my take on their Dorset Wedding Day starting here.

The multi-talented Katie is also an avid blogger herself. I find her writing to be engaging, entertaining and gripping and if I didn’t enjoy blogging so much myself, I’d quite honestly ask if I could sub-contract all my blogging to her. Here’s her take on my involvement on her personal blog:

You can read the full feature on Tom & Katie Down Under.


Sam & Pete are both journalists so I’d expect clear and meaningful writing from either of them but whenever I read Sam’s take on their wedding day in the Rock My Wedding feature, I’m literally awestruck. Here’s Sam’s take on my involvement in her and Pete’s big day:

I implore you to read the full two part feature on their wedding day, over on Rock My Wedding: The Beautiful Truth… Part 1 and Part 2. In particular, I challenge you to read Sam’s final paragraph (I like to call it the “It’s just stuff manifesto”) without needing recourse to a tissue. My take on Sam & Pete’s Hampshire wedding day starts here.


Alex & Simon planned their wedding, from engagement to celebration, in 8 weeks. They booked me 7 weeks out. Spontaneity strikes me as being a common trait amongst a great many of my clients and Alex & Simon certainly were exemplars in their approach to putting together a fun-filled day. Here is Alex’s take on my involvement in the Rock My Wedding feature on their wedding day:

You can read the full feature on Alex & Simon’s wedding day over on Rock My Wedding, in The 8 Week Wonder and my take on their London wedding starts here.


Angela & Patrick got married at the latter’s family home in Kent. Their wedding had a profound impact on me, in particular their home-spun ceremony that was extraordinarily personal. Here is Angela’s take on my involvement in the Rock My Wedding feature on her and Patrick’s special day:

You can read the full feature on Angela & Patrick’s wedding over on Rock My Wedding : Home Sweet Home and my take on their Kent wedding day starting here.


Beth & Stephen got married twice in one day, the first time in a civil ceremony at Compton Acres in Poole and the second time, a very short while afterwards, on the beach at Sandbanks in Dorset. Here is Beth’s take on my involvement, in the Rock My Wedding feature on her and Stephen’s wedding day:

The full feature on Beth & Stephen’s wedding day can be found over on Rock My Wedding: Beach Boho… Part 1 and Part 2. My take on their Dorset beach wedding starts here.


Emma & Oli celebrated a fantastically energetic wedding day in Warwickshire. Oli was a student of mine back in the days when I was a lecturer, so it was an especial honour to photograph this wedding. Here is Emma’s take on my involvement, in their Rock My Wedding feature:

The full feature on Emma & Oli’s wedding day can be found over on Rock My Wedding: Blue Sky Dreams and my take on their Warwickshire wedding starts here.


Hannah & Damian married at the particularly lovely Friars Court near Clarendon in Oxfordshire. Damian is, again, a former student of mine so another especially honoured commission. Here is Hannah’s take on my involvement, in the Rock My Wedding feature on her and Damian’s wedding:

The full feature on Hannah & Damian’s wedding can be found over on Rock My Wedding: Rustic Garden Beauty and my take on their Oxfordshire wedding day starts here.


Sarah & Jon married at the delightfully rustic Court Farm at Standerwick in Somerset. Their wedding has proved to be something of a phenomena. I regularly receive visits to my Web site from people Googling for ‘Pie & Mash Wedding’ and prospective clients frequently tell me that they saw the Pie & Mash wedding online. This is Sarah’s take on my involvement, in the Rock My Wedding feature on her and Jon’s wedding day:

The full feature on Sarah & Jon’s wedding can be found over on Rock My Wedding: A Pie And Mash Wedding and my take on their Somerset Pie & Mash wedding day starts here (with apologies for the blatant exploitation of Search Engine Optimisation in relation to the moniker that’s grown around their celebration! :~)

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