Suffolk Wedding Photography : Natasha & Sam : Part One

If my daughter grew up to be like Natasha, to have a similar level of social confidence, generosity of spirit and adroitness in dealing with people, I’d be a very happy father (something that I already am, I hasten to add :~). If she turned out to be the settling down type and she chose to settle down with someone of Sam’s personal calibre, then I’d likewise be happy indeed with the outcome. It was simply a pleasure working with Natasha & Sam, a great pleasure to experience what they made of their wedding day and uplifting to witness how they expressed themselves as individuals, with each other, and with those that surrounded and joined with them to mark the occasion of their marriage.

Natasha & Sam married at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk, a wedding day permeated with passion of spirit, energy and enthusiasm, and an occasional flourish of spin bowling.

This is the story of their day.

Whilst Natasha’s entourage made ready in one of Hengrave Hall’s sumptuously appointed chambers, Sam’s cohort prepared for the day ahead in a room just down the corridor from Natasha’s, all of twenty-two seconds’ gentle amble away. It is particularly fortuitous, from the point of view of creating a visual narrative, when the couple conduct their preparations in such close proximity. In practice it’s an easy matter to avoid inadvertently seeing each other before the ceremony, should you have chosen to observe that tradition, and if anything I sense that it adds to the excitement in proceedings knowing that the person you will soon be joining at the altar or registrar’s table or under a tree, or wherever it is that you have chosen to signify your commitment to each other, is so close by.

Also it can facilitate a more densely interwoven pictorial story when it’s all happening within a tightly knit sphere. I had been in Natasha’s room when she ‘phoned through a request for some beer to be delivered to the boys, and somehow just happened to be in Sam’s room when it arrived. A small detail within the larger tapestry but all things have meaning and significance…

The slightest of slight stone throws away from the main house lays a church, part of the original private estate, with a particularly enchanting interior. Sam’s uncle, Robin, an ordained priest, was to conduct the marriage ceremony, adding something yet again to the interwoven fabric of the occasion.

Rumbled! :~)…

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