South Bank. Spring has arrived. It’s official.

Katie & Tom ventured down to Dorset not so long ago for a spring-time pre-wedding photo-shoot out in the lovely sea air. It blew a gale and poured down with rain so we holed up in a snuggly, warm pub and talked about their wedding day plans in there instead. We did take some photographs too, but scope for variety was limited so before returning to Dorset from my first wedding of the year, that took place this weekend in London, I caught up with them again on the South Bank and we went exploring together, shared a lucky experience with a stealth-pigeon and enjoyed the kind of weather that we should have enjoyed first time ’round (but then I’d not have had this second opportunity to hang out with them prior to their wedding day; I’ll be part of the woodwork come the time and that’s all the better for what I do).

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