Natasha & Sam

I met Natasha & Sam on the roof-top of a multi-storey car park. The promise of snow cut through the air. My first words to them were, “It’s just like in Fargo,” with the thought, “That’s going to sound odd,” chasing close on its tail.

“I’ve got the briefcase in the car,” replied Natasha.

I hadn’t come across as odd. A narrow escape, yet again. It all went fantastically well from there, of course.

Natasha & Sam had come down from London for the day, to meet with me in Dorset. On the roof of a multi-storey car park. I love the light-reflecting properties of concrete. What can I say? They’ll be marrying at the start of June, in Suffolk. Beautiful weather is promised by virtue of it having been grey and drizzly for their visit to the coast; these things have a way of balancing out. In exactly the same way that sunny weather on a day when clients visit me is perfectly counter-balanced by sunny weather on their wedding day. It works both ways, in my experience. You do the physics. I loved seeing how well Natasha & Sam worked together. I’m aware that might sound an odd thing to say, for a couple about to marry, but it stood out so much. I loved how Sam made Natasha laugh so readily and consistently. I loved how un-phased they were by the drizzle. And the concrete. We did make it down to the sea though and had a nice spot of lunch on the way.

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