I went to a wedding, as a guest

Avebury - Wiltshire - Eedding

Last Friday, for the first time in many years, I went to a wedding as a guest. My nephew, my sister’s son Patrick married with Louise; they had been together from their school days. I didn’t take many photographs – they had a good photographer in place and I was very much looking forward to absorbing the entirety of the event in the moment – but I couldn’t resist sneaking a photograph of my daughter as she led the processional up the aisle in her capacity as flower girl. It was the first time that she’d been to a wedding in full and it was a big thing for her (I dare say it was a very big thing for Patrick & Louise, as well, to be getting married! :~). It was a big thing for me, too!

I hadn’t seen my daughter for six hours when I saw her walk up the aisle, transformed and empowered. The ceremony commenced at 4.00pm and I had dropped her off with the girls at 10.00am when the hairdresser was due to arrive, then left her to enjoy her time with the bridal entourage. She enjoyed the whole span of the wedding enormously but reported that her favourite part of the day had been those six hours spent with the bride, Louise, my niece Virginia whom served as maid of honour (my daughter took great delight in referring to her as Moh with a silent ‘h’ for the remainder of the day), and Louise’s bridesmaid, Natalie. I was happy that she was able to experience the magic of that build up to the ceremony, independently, one of the girls on that most exciting of days for one of them in particular. This will have been one of those big moments in life for a still developing mind and I dare say will stay with her for a great many years to come, forming one of many significant building blocks in her growth. I’m grateful to Louise and to Patrick for the gift they have given her in this.

I was nigh on giddy with excitement in the days leading up to the wedding, myself, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience come the day, from beginning to end. The ceremony was emotionally powerful, it was great to experience the gathering of the tribes (as I call it), families coming together, people not seen or spoken with in some cases for many years, an altogether profound and enriching occasion I want to relive over and again.

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