Bridport to Bordeaux

I thought I’d start off with an example of my new body heat-conservation pose. It came from the end of my pre-wedding session with Lucie & Stuart, by which stage I’d started to suspect the imminent onset of hypothermia and… what a Spring it’s turning out to be! :~) So far. Cold for the time of year anyway. Very. Lucie & Stuart come from all over the place, which is something of a coincidence because that’s where my mind currently resides, until the thaw sets in. Anytime soon. They’ll be marrying in Bordeaux this year. They came down to Dorset this weekend to meet up with me, overshot Bournemouth ever so slightly and landed in Bridport (which we laughed about, and it was all good because Bridport’s a lovely place and I like visiting it and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the two of them and would have done so wherever it happened to be). So Bournemouth, Bridport, Bordeaux; the B triangle. It should be somewhat warmer in the latter region come May of this year (and in the former two too, for that matter).

Stuart needed to nurse Lucie back to a body core temperature somewhere above zero before we could start properly…

I can’t clearly remember if:

  1. I’d set Lucie & Stuart an exercise to help thaw them out
  2. They’d offered to provide me with a quick Tai Chi demonstration
  3. I’d offered then some training in how to ward off the unwanted attention of photographers

Whichever it was, they were brilliant at it…

The windswept look will be all the rage, until the wind calms down a bit…

Waiting for the wave that never came…

Thanks for coming down to Dorset to meet up with me, Lucie & Stuart, and I look forward to catching up with you again in wine country!

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