Apertures : Number Two

In which I look through people. Between people. Sometimes over people, occasionally under people, at other times around people. All in order to see people beyond but often-times more than that. Mainly to see people and sometimes to see things. Once a bottle of wine. Once a peacock. Once a slice of apple pie. Frames within the frame. Things which I look through. Things which I look towards. Things which I connect together.

I don’t know if it stems from shyness, or a shyness that might once have possessed me but has long since, by and large, faded to the background. I’ve always been one to observe from near yet at the same time from afar; I want to be close, to hear, to clearly see, to feel the meaning of what is going on but I don’t want to be caught in the centre of it all.

Patterns emerge over time in images that lend clues to the personality of the images’ maker. It is after all the personality of the images’ maker that underscores and drives the patterns in those images.

I very often use people as frames within a frame. In part I hide behind them. In part, I have a conscious desire to link the focus of my observation with the surrounding humanity. In part I like the strength of pattern that can emerge.

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