Considering nothing of note occurred in the wider world during 2018 – absolutely nothing whatsoever (I’ve been trying to ignore news media for a while; I’m feeling serene as I write this :~) – I took particular pleasure and no small amount of solace in attending and photographing the fantastic weddings I was privileged to be accepted as a part of throughout this year. In addition to that, the conclusion of my 2018 wedding season sees me tallying 10 full years in the field; an entire decade, though just a mere tenth of a whole century (I wonder what the next 90 years will bring?) I feel that’s cause for celebration and shortly I’ll be piecing together a blog post looking back across a decade of weddings; one image (sometimes two) from every wedding that I have photographed. I think though I’m going to need to get myself a bigger page to write on before I take a trip down that particular lane lined with memories!

I’ve been consistently lucky across those 10 years – certainly, again, during this past one – to spend time in close proximity with people that are fine examples of what humanity has to offer the world. On a wedding day – on any day – an individual can consciously attempt to be on his or her best behaviour but on a wedding day in particular – joyous as such occasions certainly are – nervousness, stress and the odd flight of tension can visit those at the centre of it all and that in tandem with the sheer happy exhilaration of events invariably – in my experience – leaves a bride or a groom emotionally naked, if really rather nattily dressed. I’ve never though encountered a bridezilla or a groomzilla (be those labels apocryphal or genuine) but a long and lengthening list of people that – stripped bare emotionally – have shown an abundance of kindness and deep-rooted care for those that surround them and for the wider world, as well. What I gain from my experiences with the clients that I work with constitutes the largest profit component in the conduct of my business. I treasure the value that this brings to my life.

From my home base in Dorset, 2018 has seen me travel to photograph weddings in North Yorkshire, Powys, Essex, Kent, East Sussex, London, Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Wiltshire, Hampshire and… well, Dorset! I’ve photographed weddings the celebration of which centred around barns, marquees and tipis, old houses, mills and gardens, and even one in a pub. Each – regardless of locale and location – has been imbued with creative industry and positive energy and an abundance of laughter and love. All have proved every bit as much fun as those that I’ve enjoyed over the past 10 years.

Before I set to work on piecing together the story of that past 10 years, for now a handful or two of images from each of the weddings that I have photographed in 2018; a year full of wedding stories…

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