Some facts and figures, though I am as ever very much about the spirit of things but it is inescapable that I do like myself a few facts and figures. Figures first, followed by facts. 2017.

7: The number of weddings I photographed in 2017 that included a former student of mine in the star line up of the day; that is to say, as the groom or as the bride. Nichola as she married Marcus, Jay as he married Chloe, Catherine as she married Jesus, Jessica as she married Michael, Lizzie as she married Dane, Daniel as he married Daniella and David as he married Emma. 2017 seemed to be the year for it when it came to former students getting married! Graduation dates spanning over a decade and a half left me reeling somewhat in a whirl of chronological reminiscing but in all cases it remained a solid rock to me just how much of a honour and a privilege it was to be asked to take the photographs, to be there for the whole thing and to weave together the story. It always is something special but there was an additional layer of history in place for me in these cases. It always means a lot to me and this meant a lot, again.

6: There is no six but I shan’t let that perturb me unduly. It would have been more elegant had there been; the reason why will quickly become apparent but… it’s all good.

5: The number of weddings I photographed in 2017 where one or both of the couple marrying had been guests at previous weddings that I photographed. Two of those five couples had been sat at the same tables as I had for dinner, at two of those previous weddings, so they knew not just the nature of my work but also that my table manners were impeccable or at least acceptable enough in light of the qualities of my photography :~)

4: The number of weddings I photographed in 2017 where a connection via friends was in place; friends of previous couples whose weddings I had photographed or friends of those friends.

3: The number of weddings I photographed in 2017 where the bride had been a bridesmaid at a wedding I had photographed previously (one of those marrying someone that had been an usher at the same wedding).

2: The number of weddings I photographed in 2017 where the groom was the brother of a bride from a previous wedding.

1: The number of weddings I photographed in 2017 where the couple had stumbled across my Web site. There would be a certain coincidental romance to things if this one were in time to translate into one or more of five, four, three or a derivative of two above.

I do like myself a few facts and figures, particularly when they provide such warmth. With a year of weddings in such large part connected to previous weddings and indeed in additional large part to a previous world of work, I take heart in what I’ll allow myself to see as something of a signal of approval, of a job well done. It’s always good to be back. In equal measure I take heart in being trusted by the newcomers, so to speak, who I very much hope to meet again in this world that I find myself travelling through. Thus was 2017; in figures, in facts; hence in photographs (and I dare say a few more words!)

My first wedding of 2017 brought me to Iceland with my daughter, Amelia, whom had just turned eleven and did a fantastic job of photographing the wedding alongside me! Nichola (pictured below leading her sisters in preparation, from the back) had been a student of mine some years ago and also assisted me in photographing a couple of weddings before going on to become a particularly successful wedding photographer herself. It made for a magical start to the year photographing her marriage to Marcus and it has to be said that Iceland, the environment of that country, made a deep and lasting mark on my soul. It’s a place that haunts me in the most positive way and one that I have no doubt I’ll return to time and again.

Several weeks later my sixth wedding of the year brought me to a distinctly different climate with Catherine’s marriage to Jesus in a small town near to Seville, Spain. Catherine had likewise been a student of mine quite some moons ago and on top of thoroughly enjoying photographing her wedding I also thoroughly enjoyed catching up and spending time with a number of her cohort from her student days.

Charlotte had been a bridesmaid at Natalie & Aaron’s wedding in 2015 and it was a delight to hear from her and be asked to photograph her marriage to Paul, she had been such a fantastic presence within that previous wedding.

Jessica, another former student of mine; a formidable character full of creativity and kindness; it was an enormous pleasure to meet Michael and to photograph their wedding day.

Lizzie is a delightfully animated character over-flowing with energy. She was great as a student and hadn’t changed a bit these few or more years later. It was fun and then some photographing her and Dane’s wedding day.

Daniel, another student of mine from perhaps a decade ago though it seems like only yesterday. He and Daniella married in a place imbued with beautiful light and colour which made the process of photographing their wedding almost as much a joy for the process as it was simply for immersing myself amongst such a fine group of people.

David, another former student, one of the nicest people one could wish to encounter, married Emma whom was at least as nice a person again!

It was at Cheryl & Matt’s wedding in 2014 that I’d sat at the same table for dinner as Harold & Rosie. Energetically entertaining as guests, they were the same and then some as hosts.

Kirsty had been a guest at Paul & Kayleieh’s wedding in 2014. Three years on it was a great pleasure to meet Tom and to immerse myself in their wedding day.

Suzie had been a bridesmaid at Nicola & Simon’s 2015 wedding and a great pleasure it was indeed to photograph her marriage to David in 2017.

I’d photographed the wedding of a friend of Jason’s sister, somewhere in a barn (I’m still closing in on which particular barn :~) so my thanks to her for recommending me to Jason & Tricia!

Jay, a former student of mine whom has possibly caused more mirth-filled damage to my ribs than any other over the years, married the marvellous Chloe (whom you will see more properly a little later on :~)

One from my daughter, Amelia, of Nichola & Marcus’s Iceland wedding ceremony…

Maddie had recommended me to her friend Jo, whom married Mark in 2011. Half a decade and one year again later, it was lovely to photograph her marrying David. David quipped that they liked to try out their wedding photographers on other people first :~)

Dani had been a bridesmaid at Julia & Simon’s wedding the year before; James had served as an usher. I loved their day full of laughter.

It had only been just a little over two months earlier, at Lisa & Peter’s wedding, that I’d been sat for dinner right next to Melanie & David; a delight then and more so again come their wedding day.

Nichola & Marcus enjoyed getting married so much and I enjoyed photographing the occasion that much too that we did it all again a couple of weeks later in London, with a few more people along to share in celebrations than they could fit in their suitcases for their adventure in Iceland.

Anthony & Christina had stumbled across my Web site whilst planning their wedding and I’m so happy that they did. I’m also happy that I came away from their wedding with plenty of photographs within which Christina’s face isn’t entirely obscured by confetti (more than one of which later).

Charlie & Harriet had been guests at Emily & Matt’s wedding the year before. I was delighted when they got in touch about their wedding as I’d viewed them as the perfect guests at that previous event; the kind that I’d want to take along with me to wedding after wedding as both were so engaged in proceedings they helped in making the ideal photographs of guests having a thoroughly good time.

A friend of Rachel & Andy had enquired after my services for her own wedding but I’d not been available. Rather kindly, she passed on my details to them as they planned their wedding and a delight it was for me too, to be involved.

I’d photographed the wedding of Tom’s sister, Kathryn, as she married David back in 2012. It was lovely to be back amongst familiar faces as he married Natasha in 2017.

Liza & Phil had been guests at the energetic wedding of Rachel & Alex back in 2013 and it was great fun photographing their likewise energetic wedding in 2017.

Lisa’s sister Angie is an old friend of mine. I’d first met Lisa in fact when she was around the age of thirteen or so and it was great to find the grown up she’d grown… up into as he married Peter in 2017 :~)

Into the evening on Olly & Samantha’s wedding day. I’d photographed the wedding of Olly’s sister, Nicola, when she married Curt in 2014 and have enjoyed so much catching up with Nicola at a number of weddings over the years.

This way 2018!

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