London Wedding Photographer : Jacquie & Dave : Part One

Nineteen Ninety Eight was the year The Big Lebowski was released (to many, a seminal film; there are others from the Coen brothers that corral my mind more emphatically). Saving Private Ryan was released the same year. I watched that at the cinema. In the foyer, afterwards, I saw old men cry. Tears of recognition and reminiscence that touched me profoundly. That same year again, in rescuing and bringing to the big screen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Terry Gilliam did as good a job of the film as might have been done, considering the circumstances. I place a great deal of stock in what Terry Gilliam does. 1998 was the year that Dave embarked upon his undergraduate studies, on a course I had just been assigned to lead. The release of those films is likely apropos to the latter fact but I’ve been sat here, wondering what else of significance happened those fourteen years ago. I’ve been meandering online. Googling, as modern parlance has it. Google was formed in 1998, as it happens (coined the year before, though).

So during the year that the Lunar Prospector found evidence of frozen water on the Moon, a liquid ocean was discovered under a thick crust of ice on Europa and building of the International Space Station commenced, Dave left school to set off for university; Jacquie, I believe, was approaching the conclusion of her A’ level studies at that same school (their paths didn’t mingle fully until some years later though) and I was trying to get my head around the enormity of my new career role. Some 14 years later I was photographing their wedding. During those interim years it had been a great pleasure to get to know Dave and to work alongside him (it might have been the curve ball he threw me during a presentation I was delivering, when he declared that he was allergic to colour and asked if there was anything that might be done to accommodate this idiosyncrasy, that provided the spur towards friendship or indeed it might have been any one of a number of not dissimilar encounters). Jacquie I had only met more recently and have found myself captivated by her energy, keenness of mind and abundantly evident generosity of spirit from the off. I’m happy for Dave; enormously so.

There’s genuine privilege in photographing all weddings but when it’s one that, were I not a photographer, I’d have attended as a guest pure and simple, there’s something all the more profound about the experience. You can’t beat a profound experience. Hopefully though, you can relate to others something of what it was all about. View full post »

London Wedding Photographer : Jacquie & Dave : Part Two

Jacquie from school, Dave from school, went to the same school but were in different year groups. Dave went to university where I taught him and, I think, he taught me. Some years later he and Jacquie met, on a wall. A climbing wall. They completed one of life’s puzzles together. I couldn’t have been happier photographing a wedding day and to relive that happiness through the resultant images. View full post »


Julia was a bridesmaid at a wedding I photographed back in 2010. It will be a particular pleasure to photograph her and Mike’s wedding day this December, at Chewton Glen in Hampshire. We met up there this weekend to talk through their wedding day plans and to explore this notably warm and cosy venue. View full post »

Base Camp

Elli & Gav met in the Himalayas. They have a tour de force of a wedding day planned for this December, in London. In the meantime we met up, down in Dorset, to discuss the route of their big day and what we might see along the way. View full post »

A New Bloggining

When it comes to new beginnings I might indeed make a better start by finding a new headline writer but here it is, my new blog, almost entirely the same as the old blog bar a change to the presentation size of images (to ease speed of download and viewing on smaller devices).

The old blog has not been retired, not in the slightest, and you can still browse your way through over a hundred weddings that I’ve photographed around the UK and out into Europe during recent years by clicking here.

The old blog is also meshed together with this new offering via some of the key drop down menus at the top of this page, in particular the Weddings section. Once you’ve immersed yourself in wandering through all the wedding stories that I relate, the experience in moving between the two forms of the blog should prove seamless.

All the very best!


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