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2016 was the year that the wedding banana became a thing and may it emerge as a tradition that stands the test of time. My research into the fruit – for the purposes of producing this blog post though subsequently I felt that it was a journey best engaged with on an individual basis so I’ll leave the […]

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Northern Ireland Wedding Photography : Emily & Matt

Preposterous. The word kept vaulting around my mind throughout Emily & Matt’s wedding day, though entirely stripped of any unfavourable connotations, clad instead in entirely positive tones. Positively preposterous. Preposterously positive. The enormity of… everything. Emily’s dad cooking for what I estimate to be around 200 people. Her mum spending weeks scouring the north-eastern quarter […]

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Cornwall Wedding Photography : Sarah & Andrew

Sarah & Andrew married and celebrated their wedding in a verdant Mediterranean garden floating through space in an expansive dome, drinking in the day’s sunlight, looking out onto a cinematic expanse of stars at night and sheltering all from the odd bit of rain between those two points of the day. I’d not expected to […]

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