The Hospital of St. Cross Church : Winchester

When Sarah & Nigel sent me a link to the Web site for the location they’ll be marrying at this May, I knew I had to go pay a visit in advance to soak up all the atmosphere visually.

So I did.

Building of the Church at the Hospital of St. Cross commenced in 1135, roughly the same time that I arrived there as it happens. The Hospital (synonymous with ‘hospitality’ in this case, rather than indicating a place for medical treatment) is the oldest continuing almshouse in England. According to its Web site visitors can still receive the Wayfarers’ Dole there, consisting of beer and bread. I kept my eyes peeled for this. I really did. There’s an excellent pub called The Bell at the head of the Hospital’s access lane though, where you can pay your own way :~)

Meet Mister Mallard

Twenty-five Brothers attend to the Hospital's running. Each is allocated a self-contained flat on the grounds.

I once had an original model Mini in that exact same colour, Primrose Yellow (don't ask). I drove it all the way from Bournemouth in the South of England to Aix-en-Provence in the South of France to spend a period of time working at an audio-visual company located in an old farmhouse with unspoilt views of acre upon hectare of Lavender fields backed by Sainte Victoire, the mountain that Cezanne painted time and again. When it came time to return to the UK I swore that regardless of the cost I'd not take my life in my hands by driving that route again in a diminutive car with so small an engine and a GB sticker on the back that apparently formed an acronym for a phrase that roughly translates as "run me off the road". I braced myself to spend all I'd earned, if necessary, transporting the car back to the North of France by train. Turns out it cost the equivalent of £40.00. That's less than I spent on petrol on the way down!

An early promise that the Compton garden will be bursting with colour come May.

Still waters.

I spotted these intriguing vehicles parked up in the Tudor ambulatory. Strangely they evoked memories of the time that I drove from Bournemouth to Aix-en-Provence in the South of France. I think they'd look splendid with a lick of Primrose Yellow paint.

Anyway, about this church...

It really is something of a treasure.

Sunlight through the main window shines directly onto The Cross of St. Cross on the 3rd of May and 14th of September each year.

One of two side chapels that flank either side of the high altar.

I couldn’t possibly fit this final one in to the height of a browser window on even the highest resolution monitor so try not to fall over backwards as you scroll through it.

The Hospital of St. Cross is located in Winchester, Hampshire. Directions and contact details can be found on The Hospital of St. Cross Web site.

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Austin Wedding Photographer - Ben Godkin - Amazing place… I love that vertical panorama… Can you do that during the actual wedding?

Laura Lawson - It took my breath away with its splendour. All you need is to insert some deliriously happy people and you have magic. Very much excited to see this wedding, almost as excited as you are to shoot it I expect. I am in love with the shot of the wheelbarrows – the colours and textures also remind me of France. Great stuff.

Matt Stanton - I can’t wait to see the wedding shots, what a stunning venue. I’m also a fan of the pano shots.

Tasha Schalk - Wow. Just wow.

That place is straight out of a fairy tale, and you captured it beautifully. I’m sure the wedding images are going to be just stunning.

Kyle - What a cool venue! You are going to be able to go NUTS with cool portraits here!!!

Alicia Kennison - I’m a history buff and completely jealous. What a stunning place. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!

Jennifer - What a gorgeous location (beautifully captured)I think I might be tempted to start wedding photography if I could shoot there ;-)

Paul Von Rieter - Newport Beach Wedding Photographer - What a crazy amazing venue… Can only wish and hope I get to shoot something in a place that amazing. Can’t wait to see the wedding.

Timothy E Kaldas - Phill, the venue looks gorgeous. You did a brilliant job capturing it. I can’t wait to see the wedding you’ll shoot here. The panorama shot at the end is excellent.

Phillip Allen - Many thanks for all your comments :~) They really do mean a great deal to me! Now that you’ve mentioned it Ben, I think I will try for that vertical panorama during the ceremony. I’m certain I’d not be able to do it right down the front but from the back should allow me to remain discreet and hopefully come up with something quite evocative and unique to Sarah & Nigel’s special day.

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