Meet My Marketing Manager

Wedding photographer in the making. Marketing manager in the meantime.

So one day the little lady comes staggering in to the living room dragging my tripod behind her. She sets it up in the middle of the floor then boldly proclaims, “I want to be a photographer, just like you Daddy!” All three and a half years of her. Her images, when she purloins my compact camera, are somewhat free-form in nature but she’ll find her style in due course no doubt.

She’s also in the habit of purloining samples of my marketing materials and smuggling them into nursery in her book bag. She likes the pictures and likes to show them to her friends.

Recently I spent a couple of days on the South Bank of the Thames in London, meeting with a series of prospective and already booked 2010 wedding clients. I met with Lucy & Gareth. They’re from Bournemouth originally but live up in London. They’ll be returning to their home town to get married next July.

It transpired that Gareth’s mum is a teacher at my little one’s nursery and had passed on my details to the couple having been shown some of my work by my daughter :~)

Well Lucy & Gareth booked me and I’m very much looking forward to documenting their wedding but in the meantime I’ll need to get down to salary negotiations with my new marketing manager!

Contact Bournemouth wedding photographer Phillip Allen : : 07870 696248

Emma Davenport - Excellent PR work. Get her trained up in Lightroom and Photoshop and she’ll be earning her keep in no time!

Kyle - Oh my gosh Phill, that story is so cute it almost makes me want to have kids…ALMOST :P

Rima Darwash - These shots are fantastic! I love the use of light, and what a cutie your daughter is

James Pearson - Awww, that’s very cute (and handy!) She’s got a great future ahead of her :)

Beautiful photographs of your daughter!

Phillip Allen - Thanks all :~) I’m also hoping she’ll become an adept with Excel, Emma ;~)

Lynsey Pearson - Wow, these shots are stunning. Your daughter is gorgeous!

Jennifer - Just love these images and the anecdote :-)

Mark - Ditto aboutt he photo’s, great work. I love your processing and your daughter is a cutey!!

DawesCyclist - Well Phill, your Contracts Manager didn’t get her energy from me. My idea of a busy time is to travel to the land of the Jacks – persuade someone to cook me a paella for New Year’s Eve – & watch the Ospreys take on Cardiff Blues on New Years Day. I’ve enjoyed my latest viewing of your photography. Don’t eat too much at the weddings – or that coat will become too small. Looking fwd to seeing U again B4 2Long & wishing you good health and every success in your ventures for 2010.

Chris Shaw - Lovely story Phill. ..and some more great images. Happy New Year to you both.

Daniel Dunlap - That’s fantastic! I’m gonna get started on teaching my little one to do this right away! :)

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