Off the grid in deepest Dorset

With a hundred assignments to deal with of a slightly different nature to those typically featured on this Web site I decided to go off the grid for a week with my marketing manager in tow. When I say off the grid, it was only by a matter of a few dozen metres or so. There was mobile ‘phone network signal to be had from the main road but how refreshing to not be at the instant behest of electronic beeps and polyphonic tweets for hours on end or even days should one choose.

Fighting my way through a hefty box load of workload, day and night for a few of each, afforded me some time to play tourist in my own back yard and what a fantastic place it was to explore! I suspect we could all gain a great deal from taking the odd holiday just down the road, from wherever we are, and it tied in somewhat poetically with two initial days of utterly clear blue skies as all flights in and out of the UK were brought to a halt.

Perhaps no coincidence that two days of vapour trail clear skies met two days of summer heat in mid-April. When the airways were reopened the sight of a new crop of trails was somewhat uncanny. The Old Granary on Wareham Quay by the way; the food, service and ambiance was exceptional.

Monkey World, Dorset. No zoo, the centre provides masses of space for a range of apes rescued from various unjust situations the world over.

She adores this image. I wonder if she'll feel the same a dozen years hence :~)

The old 'running ahead to get a good shot' chestnut.

In all twenty-four years that I've lived in Dorset I've been aware of Blue Pool, tucked away in the heartland of Purbeck. An old clay pit filled with water that changes colour throughout the day, I'd passed the entrance on numerous occasions throughout those years but had never set foot inside. I'm so glad I did this time around and will be back again.

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Laura Lawson - How brave you are…it’s hard for me to function without signal for ten minutes!! Really wonderful pictures, your marketing manager is a fantastic subject! Hope you have recharged and replenished :-)

Emma Davenport - Every time we drive past Blue Pool we say “one day, we should go to Blue Pool”. Shame on us. Monkey World is always a winner though. Hope you had a lovely home holiday :)

Phillip Allen - Thanks Laura & Emma. A solid recharge indeed and a lovely home holiday too. It’ll be a tent at the end of the garden next time!

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