Gloucestershire Wedding Planning : Beck & Phil

Beck is an avid reader of my blog. It feels funny writing about her in this manner. It’s like talking about someone when they’re in the same room. Hi Beck! And Phil too of course! They’ll be getting married next year in Gloucestershire so we met up recently in Somerset, of course. Or it may have been Wiltshire. Let me get my bearings a minute. It was a bit of an adventure finding somewhere to meet up on the day. I was staying in Wiltshire for a wedding I’d photographed in Somerset the day before and… yes, it was back in Somerset that we met up at a pub that was not yet open before the kind barman there provided us with carefully written directions to Beckington, the same side of the county border. Beck gave me a cereal bar. I took some photographs of her and Phil.

Contact Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer Phillip Allen : : 07870 696248

Beck - Hello Phill!
You’re such a genius that I almost look good! Thank you again! Had much fun and looking forward to you capturing my nearest and dearest next year!

Joseph - Beck and Phil, you’ve chosen yourself an amazing photographer here. Well done.
Also, hi Phill =)

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