Dorset Wedding Photographer : Evy & Steve : Part One

If you put all of your wedding planning into the Large Hadron Collider, sent it back and fore across the Franco-Swiss border several times, beamed it out via an Ultra-High Field laser and etched the resultant form with a Letšeng diamond you might find yourself in possession of a wedding day that resembled Evy & Steve’s. Were you to take this smorgasbord of admittedly scientifically inaccurate metaphors and place them in the front carriage of the Formula Rossa roller coaster you might have yourself a wedding day equally as enthralling.

Yep. I enjoyed their wedding day. That’s for sure.

Evy & Steve chose Poole Guildhall and its pure, bright and airy interior ambience as the stage for their Civil Partnership ceremony and the nearby Hotel du Vin for their celebrations. If you own a business and want a high quality masterclass in customer service, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting the du Vin. Maybe to stay a night, or for a meal, just for a cup of tea even. You’ll learn as much as you need to learn from the experience, about how to look after your clients and it will likely cost you a good deal less than enrolling on a tailor made business seminar.

Yes, I do rate the Hotel du Vin that highly.

As, I’m certain, did Evy & Steve in choosing it to host their big day.

Evy & Steve are ardent oenophilists (and I’m like a loose canon when I have Google to hand). As I wandered through the environs of the Hotel du Vin on the morning of their wedding, photographing elements of its tastefully considered, often-times astutely whimsical interior decor to add additional nuance to the visual narrative of their day, I found myself contemplating how serendipitous it was that there was so much in the way of wine related iconography about the place, considering Evy & Steve’s shared passion for that particular libation. This was followed by contemplation of my seemingly unflagging capacity for slow-wittedness. Where was I again? In the Hotel… du Vin. Indeed. I refocussed on simply photographing what I saw.

Evy & Steve had at their service the finest entourage of assistants I might every hope to encounter on a wedding day, an elite trio of usherettes, their three Grooms Girls, Sophie, Charmaine and Kelly. I’d hire them to accompany me to every wedding I photograph, were the logistics of doing so feasible, and set them about their organisational business as they simply kept the day flowing marvellously.

The wine kept flowing marvellously too.

I was in two minds as to whether to publish this image or not. I find it an amusing anthropological experience photographing men struggling with the application of buttonholes on weddings days so wouldn’t want too many cottoning on to the simpler approach. All credit to Evy though for knowing it would be far easier applying his rose with his jacket off, not already on…

With the Hotel du Vin in such close proximity to Poole Guildhall, it would have been a frivolous expense had a wedding car been hired for the occasion. You’ve always got your imagination though…




There’s always something additionally marvellous about working alongside registrars that clearly derive joy from the job that they do and project that in how they conduct the ceremony. It was an uplifting one, to say the least.

Lovely readings, by Camilla, from Edward Monkton…

And Lucy, from Voltaire…


Back to the du Vin to open a few bottles of wine >>

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Lyndsey Goddard - I love these; so much humour and magic moments, top work.

Evy Adamou-Helsdon - It was the most amazing day. Thankyou Phill for capturing the Magic. I recommend you whole heartedly.

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