Devonshire Wedding Planning : Ruth & Nick

Ruth & Nick will be marrying (each other) down in Devon in June of this year – the mere blink of an eye as time tends to treat the final months prior to such wonderful events – and it’s with no uncertain excitement that I look forward to documenting their wedding day. In the meantime we three went out together on a photographic date, so to speak, to a beautiful spot where they had their first outdoors date, Hengistbury Head near Christchurch in Dorset.

When it came to reviewing and editing the image set post-shoot I discovered an uncanny phenomena. Ruth & Nick walk in perfect synch, everywhere. A nice metaphor I suppose :~)

As if I didn't have my work cut out already, clambering all over a shingle bank laden with a couple of cameras and a bag full of gear tracking their progress along the shoreline!

Nick found Ruth a special pebble on the beach :~)

If the following two images were taken out of the context of the broader post, I suspect I might come across as being a somewhat different type of photographer to the one that I am :~”

I was using a 135mm lens, so was too far away to hear what Nick was whispering in Ruth's ear.

Ruth - from camera shy to portfolio material in under an hour

Nick - a colourful character

Homewards bound.

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Chris MacKenzie - Phil, these are the most inspirational and natural photographs I have seen in ages. The lighting is gorgeous too. Great work

John Parker - Another fantastic series of shots, synchronised walking aside.

Hmm… there’s just something about that bloke though – he looks well dodgy. ;-)

Emma Davenport - What beautiful shots. I agree with Chris; really lovely lighting. You’ve managed to capture the sedate blues of an early Spring evening but have still got a lot of warmth in there.

Lynsey Pearson - Great shots! The synchronised walking is amazing! :)

HayleyRuth - Phil, I am loving these, the synchronised walking is fabulous and a true sign these too are meant to be together. I love the lighting and colours, I can’t wait to see what you do at their wedding!

Peter Lawson - Lovely shots, all of them! Love the ones shot on the 135, in particular the wispering/laughing in ear shot – t’is awesome!

Eric Yerke - Great set Phil. I really dig sequences, and certainly love yours. Also the shot of them blurred through the foreground elements is exceptional.

Phillip Allen - Thanks all :~) Very very much.

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