The snowman that wasn’t there

On the cusp of turning four years old this is but the second time my marketing manager has seen snow. It’s the first time though that she’s seen snow stick and she was determined to venture forth and build a snowman. On second thoughts, she decided she wanted to make a snow duck.

Some two years earlier it was the first time her maternal grandfather had seen snow, at the tender age of sixty-seven. We had to rush out of the house and bundle him back indoors, wrapping him up in a warm coat before releasing him back out the door. It’s exciting stuff after all.

The last time that snow stuck around these parts, she was off swanning around some exotic tropical island in South East Asia so there was a great deal of potential for an adventure of another climatic sort to be had on this particular day.

What would we find off the treacherously icy pavement out front and off-piste down the garden path?

That's snow alright :~) Now what are we going to make with it?

Her first snowball exploded in hand faster than an icy particle hurtling around a Hadron collider.

"Hmm! I'm not so sure about this snow lark."

Papa Razzi

An orangey shade of yellow.

The Sartorialist.

The ballet lessons pay off.

Anyway, how about this snow man duck thing? Well, she protested that the snow made her … itch and she didn’t know how to build one. My offer to teach her how to do so was sidelined by a diversionary display of physiognomic acrobatics.

There’s always the next time :~)

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Emma Davenport - Beautifully fresh and zazzy processing!

Helen Thornber - Wonderful as always… I got another one of those blogging awards so decided to send more traffic your way!

James Pearson - Your daughter… sorry, marketing manager… is a wonderful subject as always – these are priceless portraits I love them! You need to head up here and play in our foot of snow – lots of snowman potential and no ducks required! (Although it’s melting quickly now thank goodness)

Phillip Allen - Thanks all :~) “Zazzy” has a great zing to it Emma! Thanks once again for your marvellous support Helen. I’ll send her up for a skiing holiday one day James.

John Parker - Damn – only just bumped into these.

A beautiful series of shots, as per usual. :-)

Timothy E Kaldas - Her expression in that black and white shot is absolutely priceless Phill. Beautiful shots all around.

Vida - She is seriously too cute for words!!

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