The School Run

After completing her morning ritual of eye size comparison my marketing manager decided we should leave the car at home and walk to nursery. You see, during the Winter months it’s all too easy to fall out of the front door and in to the car and put the heater on full-blast so things start to warm up just as we arrive at our destination. There’s nothing to beat a lung-full of fresh air and with wedding season approaching, a spot of preparatory exercise as well. I do actually make it to a gym thrice weekly, the membership fee for which is not tax-deductible. I mean to say, if I send my camera equipment off for professional servicing to keep it all in a fit state for the job, that’s tax-deductible. What’s that all about anyway?

I digress :~)

Best foot forward.

"When I'm big, can I post letters in that box?" Let's hope she doesn't forget what it's for once she discovers MyFaceSpaceBook.

"Why are all those chairs in a cage?" She suggested I photograph the scene for later analysis.

Climb ... every ... mountain.

It's really a very pleasant walk between home and her nursery. I'm not sure now why we don't do it more often throughout the Winter months, through the rain, murk and mud.

Run marketing manager, run.

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John Parker - Loving the shots, as per usual.

“Run marketing manager, run”, was a nice start to the day. :-)

Lynsey Pearson - Eye size comparison is very important business! I really enjoyed this insight into your morning!

Tasha Schalk - These definitely brought a smile to my face this morning.

What a sunny, happy girl!

Phillip Allen - :~) Thanks all!

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