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Wedding photography by Bournemouth wedding photographer Phillip Allen

London Wedding : Vanessa & Osiris : Part One

I used to check the weather forecast on an almost daily basis, part and parcel of seeing what the day had in store for me. Then I started photographing weddings. And I stopped checking weather forecasts. There’s nothing I can do to change what will be, I have to be prepared for any circumstances regardless, […]

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London Wedding : Vanessa & Osiris : Part Two

It’s no great shakes as an opening image (nor for a filler image, I dare say) but I wanted to place it here as a bold aide-mémoire so I’d not have to dig the information out from written notes or a backed up image archive if in future anyone asked me for suggestions as to what […]

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Hertfordshire Wedding : Zoe & Chris : Part One

I’m glad that Zoe wasn’t any happier on her wedding day. Had she been any happier, the sheer weight of her happiness would have knocked the Earth off its axis. That would have played havoc with my SatNav. It was the kind of radiated happiness that you can’t help but absorb yourself. On the day […]

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Hertfordshire Wedding : Zoe & Chris : Part Two

Zoe & Chris married at St. Albans Register Office and celebrated at The Gatsby in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Having photographed the wedding of Zoe’s sister, Alex, the year before, there was something additional for me in the build up to this wedding, excited as I am for all that I come to witness. In particular, Zoe’s […]

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