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Wedding photography by Bournemouth wedding photographer Phillip Allen

Dorset Wedding Photographer : Becky & James : Part Two

I don’t seem to recall them saying anything (but they run a tight ship from the boiler room at Parley Manor, certainly in favour of their clients having a fantastic day). Becky & James met in Australia when both lived and worked there; I met them when they came back from Australia for a wedding […]

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London Wedding Photographer : Aniqah & Qussay : Day One

I choose to live in a world populated with people that have an innate propensity for decency, compassion and good will towards others. Cognisant as I am of apparent evidence that suggests the world isn’t quite that way, aware as I am that it’s an outlook that may frame me as naive, I rather dogmatically attach […]

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London Wedding Photographer : Aniqah & Qussay : Day Two

Having enjoyed one humdinger of a celebratory wedding party at the Battersea Arts Centre the evening prior, it was the day of Aniqah & Qussay’s civil marriage ceremony at the Royal Society of Arts in London. Or The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture & Science as its rightful title declares. RSA has more […]

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London Wedding Plotting : Jacquie & David

Back in my lecturing days – which only drew to a close some nine months ago but started a good many years before that again – Dave was a student of mine, part of a cohort drawn from the extreme rearguard of Generation X, a group that I shared a journey with, one with wheels […]

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