Purbeck Wedding Photographer : Kataya & Richard : Part One

I have a great fondness for the Isle of Purbeck, regardless of the fact that it is not technically an island; it’s a peninsula of the Dorset coastline though with a local flavour all of its own that differentiates it markedly from its parent county. Kataya’s fondness for the locale is irrefutable, her having been raised there, and when she brought Richard to visit a lasting enchantment with its environs was equally guaranteed. They married at St. Nicholas Church and marked the occasion at the nearby Studland Bay House that in turn formed the base for a weekend of celebrations.

In four years of photographing weddings it has been rarely that I’ve found myself at the same location a second time round, two weddings at Milton Abbey in Dorset and a further two combining Poole Guildhall with the nearby Hotel du Vin constituting two of a total of three locations that I have thus far returned to again. This was my third wedding that combined St. Nicholas Church with Studland Bay House, which marks it as something of a personal record making occasion. There are no end of venues that I would be very happy to visit again for a wedding day but first and certainly foremost it’s about the people and I’ll follow them wherever they might choose to go. Maybe there’s something about Studland though that attracts a certain type of person to marry there (aside from the fact that in all three cases to date, one party to the marriage grew up on Purbeck) and this gels with my love of the area, how that stems from my outlook on life and in turn how that outlook is at the core of how I unconsciously choose to photograph things.

Whatever the case may be, once more I found myself immersed in a wedding day that was again laid back in temperament yet highly energetic in its manifestation, deeply personalised whilst still embracing the comfort and enjoyment of its guests and with people at the heart of it all that were a genuine pleasure to work with. Kataya & Richard were a delight to be around, calm and calming characters with a penchant for fun combined with a disposition to care for those surrounding them. Those attributes combined with the potency of setting foot on Purbeck again made for a fantastically enjoyable day out for yours truly. View full post »

Rob Dunning - Mr Phill,

You are quite simply one of my most favourite wedding photographers … EVER!

Pure brilliance.

Lots of love,

Rob xx

Kate - What a fantastic wedding, beautifully captured and retold.

Sam Gibson - Wonderful. Most excellent.

Howard Lucas - Well Mister Phill I throughly enjoyed looking through and reading this post, what a day….wonderful stuff.
I live in Swanage and fully understand what appeals to you, and those that choose to get married here on the Isle of Purbeck.
One of my neighbours got married last year at St Nicholas and then headed over to Studland Bay House, which they had hired for the weekend, for their reception. I am certainly looking forward to the possibility that I may one day be commissioned to photograph a wedding there.

Olivier Burnside - particularly like the one of the bride getting into the car – timeless and brilliant

Nic Skerten - Beautifully photographed Phill. I’ve spent many a day on the Isle of Purbeck – a great place for a wedding

Tom Weller - Loving your non people shots as much as those with human beings in them in this post Phillip.

Steve and Sandra - Some amazing images, love your work, Steve & Sandra.

Purbeck Wedding Photographer : Kataya & Richard : Part Two

Perhaps confusingly, considering the title of this post, this is not Richard & Kataya. They asked if I might take a photograph of the two of them together and I’m always very happy to oblige, when asked. I thought it might prove handy at some future point were I to leave it there with my business name alongside, just in case for any reason my services might be required. That may sound awfully presumptuous of me so I hasten to add that direct marketing is not my modus operandi; presumptuousness not in my nature.


Kataya & Richard…

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Antony Turner - Very, very nicely photographed wedding. Kataya and Richard must be thrilled! Lovin’ the last ‘posed group” portrait and the 8th from last image with the bride dancing is also very good because of all the expressions. Very enjoyable post

Vicki - WoW! That is a bloody brilliant set of photos! I bet they LOVE THEM! I think my faves are when they have just come out of the church! That light is gorgeous and she looks stunning! AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

Dorset Wedding Photographer : Evy & Steve : Part One

If you put all of your wedding planning into the Large Hadron Collider, sent it back and fore across the Franco-Swiss border several times, beamed it out via an Ultra-High Field laser and etched the resultant form with a Letšeng diamond you might find yourself in possession of a wedding day that resembled Evy & Steve’s. Were you to take this smorgasbord of admittedly scientifically inaccurate metaphors and place them in the front carriage of the Formula Rossa roller coaster you might have yourself a wedding day equally as enthralling.

Yep. I enjoyed their wedding day. That’s for sure.

Evy & Steve chose Poole Guildhall and its pure, bright and airy interior ambience as the stage for their Civil Partnership ceremony and the nearby Hotel du Vin for their celebrations. If you own a business and want a high quality masterclass in customer service, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting the du Vin. Maybe to stay a night, or for a meal, just for a cup of tea even. You’ll learn as much as you need to learn from the experience, about how to look after your clients and it will likely cost you a good deal less than enrolling on a tailor made business seminar.

Yes, I do rate the Hotel du Vin that highly.

As, I’m certain, did Evy & Steve in choosing it to host their big day. View full post »

Lyndsey Goddard - I love these; so much humour and magic moments, top work.

Evy Adamou-Helsdon - It was the most amazing day. Thankyou Phill for capturing the Magic. I recommend you whole heartedly.

Dorset Wedding Photographer : Evy & Steve : Part Two

Evy & Steve married at Poole Guildhall in Dorset and celebrated their wedding day at the inimitable Hotel du Vin (inimitable, other than by virtue of the handful of other du Vins dotted around the country all of which are reputed to be equally as good. Despite having not been to any of the others, I’ll concede to some bias though and suggest that the others are almost as good). The du Vin, Poole, is an exemplar of quality, service and comfort; an oasis of epicurean and sommelierien delight. Evy & Steve would feel just at home there. The outcome of precise and soulful thinking on their behalf and brought to fruition by their efforts, those of their families and friends and the warmly professional administrations of the du Vin staff, their wedding day was perfect and exceptionally good fun to boot. View full post »

Evy Adamou-Helsdon - This man is a genius……. Thankyou for capturing our day so perfectly. It was a pleasure to work with you and you have given us the most wonderful and lasting memory of our day.

Somerset Wedding Photographer : Jo & Jim : Part One


Well, there ain’t no strangers

When you’re swinging a hammer side by side

Raise the Barn ~ Keith Urban

Jo & Jim’s wedding had a profound effect upon me. I don’t know how to encapsulate it all in words. I know that I’m capable of doing so but it’s just not coming to the surface. I’m staring at the screen, looking at the pictures, wondering when they’ll come. Those words I’m waiting for. I know from experience that once the dam is breached they’ll come flooding through. Once I commit to an opening sentence all else will follow. Maybe that’s all was needed; Jo & Jim’s wedding had a profound effect upon me. Simple as that, because it was simple, once you get to the heart of the notion of what it was all about.

Maybe let’s try it this way.

Imagine you had a group of friends gather together for a meal. One prepares the table while another cooks the food. One brings dessert, another brings some wine. It’s wine she brewed herself. Another brings flowers to decorate the table with, flowers he grew in his own garden. You all come together as you cherish each other’s company. More friends arrive to share in the feast. All of those gathered know some of the others really well, some know others by association, you all partake of good food, good wine; you share with each other, you enjoy a common experience. You all cherish each other’s company.

Now multiply the numbers involved tenfold and more but apply the same principles of communality. Add to that a particularly auspicious reason for the gathering. Two of your number are to marry.

Jo & Jim’s wedding had a profound effect upon me. View full post »

Stephen Bunn - Epic! Great work Phill!

Matthew Cleveland - A great set of images as usual.
Being able to see the preps on the day before the wedding was an unexpected treat too.

Susan Bomlin - Phil, this is my first time visiting your site and its safe to say i wasnt dissapointed. Love the way you told a story in your photos, from the preperations to the festivities later on as well. You’ve captured the warmth of the whole day wonderfully well.