From time to time during the day the day that his mum, Gemma, married Alex, Elliott would come up to me and ask, “Can you take a photograph of me, please?” Always a delight to do so. He would then ask me if he could see the photograph, I would show him on the back of the camera and he would say, “Good. Thanks.”

During the evening, having taken one such photograph, Elliott said to me, “You can take these photographs and use them to make a story about me.”

Elliott is one of the most remarkable eight year olds I’ve met; a young man with more social adroitness than I’ve encountered in many people twice, thrice and more times again his age.


Elliott sported the best buttonhole I’ve seen a groomsman wear out of all the weddings that I’ve attended…


During the wedding day, he ran a total of 250 miles…


He led the processional up the aisle with great dignity and confidence at the start of the wedding ceremony…


He delivered the opening speech of the wedding breakfast…


The night before the wedding, Elliott gave Rob, the best man, his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Lego figure, telling him that it was to bring him good luck when delivering his best man’s speech the following day…


After Rob delivered his speech, Elliott came over to him, congratulated him and told Rob that his speech had been better than his own opening one. I thought they were both equally moving, myself.


I’ve no idea what Elliott will do in later life, but I suspect it’s going to be something very interesting, or indeed a number of things of great interest. I am though certain that whatever he does, he’ll gain the respect of a great many people along the way and he’ll serve as an inspiration to others.


There’ll be more of Elliott to come soon, and of course not forgetting Gemma & Alex and the story of their wedding day! :~)

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