North Devon Wedding Photography : Nathan & Zoe


Across distances sometimes great, sometimes small – sometimes geographical, sometimes chronological, sometimes both combined – I take pleasure in discovering the connections between where I have been and what I did there, then where I am now doing that which I do. As I weave my way across years of weddings experienced, this thread in the broader tapestry connects the South of Spain with North Devon; joins with a line a dot on a calendar in 2011 and another in 2015. The picture that was formed in this instance only became apparent to me when on a February day this year – on Valentine’s Day as it happens; what more romantic in connotation a day for a wedding to be set upon? – I found myself in North Devon to photograph the wedding of Nathan & Zoe.

What I learnt on the eve of that day, learnt in respect of how it was that I would ultimately find myself there, stemmed from the fact of my having travelled to Spain all that time back to photograph the wedding of Rommalee & Dan, who at the time lived just a short distance away from me in Dorset (practically next door to me in relation to the distance we all travelled for their wedding day :~). Dan’s brother, Olly, had been at that wedding, travelling down from his home in North Devon. When the photographs from Rommalee & Dan’s wedding were completed and released, Olly had shown them to his good friend, Nathan (an accomplished photographer with a string of published works under his belt), and Nathan had kept an eye on my ongoing work since.

And thus I found myself in North Devon, on Valentine’s Day, photographing a wedding populated by people as lovely as you might wish to meet and spend time amongst; a deeply personalised wedding ceremony in the village of Bratton Fleming followed by celebrations on a lofty headland overlooking Saunton Sands. This is the story of Nathan & Zoe’s wedding day… View full post »

Woburn Abbey Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photography : Nicki & Tom


I couldn’t have wished for a better start to my 2015 season of weddings – the start of my seventh year photographing them as it happens (and not an itch in… sight; mixed metaphors aplenty on the horizon though) – than to find myself at that of Nicki & Tom. Tom was a student of mine, a little while back, a little while beyond what I’ve been able to keep clear count of but not that far back, surely? It feels like it was yesterday anyway. He was part of a close-knit group of friends that were drawn together as students and have stayed thick as thieves ever since… which is maybe an inappropriate metaphor considering Tom’s change of career several years ago (one that saw him perhaps in pursuit of rather than becoming party to); maybe let’s try… remained closely bonded as the years progressed, sharing holidays together, attending each other’s weddings, the menfolk amongst them serving as ushers in turn for each of their number that married, others and sometimes the same delivering readings, all giving the dance floors at those weddings a thorough run for their money and I’ve no doubt, if indeed dance floors could be said to have feelings, leaving those spaces eminently happy to have achieved peak destiny. They were all a thorough pleasure to teach – bright, shining stars with abundantly good natures – and it’s been a thorough pleasure to have photographed a number of their weddings down the years; first Huw & Kim’s in 2010 then Ben & Lit’s in 2011, Tom & Nicki’s as my opening foray of 2015 and I very much look forward to my final call of the year photographing the wedding of another Tom, when he marries Lizzie, shortly before Christmas. So it looks set to be another year inter-twined, topped and tailed, framed beautifully by strong connections.

Equally so it has been a consistent pleasure to meet the women that these men have married, all resonant characters, all becoming integral members of the group they have married into… now there’s a concept that just snuck up on me, but it is how it strikes me as being. Individual people marry individual people; there is certainly the notion of marrying into families; this group do though have something of the family about them, the strength of family, to my mind. Nicki’s intelligence and industriously creative nature was a joy to encounter and her steady calmness made it an additionally great pleasure to me to serve as her photographer.

Nicki & Tom married and celebrated at Woburn Abbey Sculpture Gallery in Bedfordshire. More often than not I’ll simply mention a venue by name then focus most of all, in my writing, on people; my photography will of course give ample attention to space and to place, also, as the choice therein is important to the people that have chosen it as the setting for their wedding and it is therefore important to the story at hand. I’ll have more to say about this place in due course though as, through its people, it has something that to me sets it above many other such places, such places in terms of the function they are set to. In the meantime and certainly beyond that again, this is the story of Nicki & Tom’s wedding day… View full post »

Moonfleet Wedding Photography : Ross & Alice and Imogen too!


In a year that saw a good number of coincidences between weddings that I photographed, 2014 was brought to a perfectly interlinked end with the wedding of Ross & Alice and joint headliner of the show, their daughter, Imogen, whom was an absolute star. My very first wedding of the year had been that of Cheryl & Matt, on the Isle of Portland in Dorset. At their wedding, amongst the guests, were Paul and his then fiancée, Kayleieh, whose wedding I then photographed that summer. Paul is Ross’s brother and the latter served as the former’s best man at that summer wedding, at which, also, Cheryl & Matt were guests (the two were also guests at my last but one wedding of 2014 – the week before Ross & Alice’s marriage – that of George & Will who had also been guests at Cheryl & Matt’s wedding). At Paul & Kayleieh’s wedding, as I photographed Paul getting ready, assisted by his brother (maybe at times it was the other way around :~), Ross mentioned to me that he would be getting married towards the end of the year and that he would be looking for a photographer that photographed things in the same manner that I did. “Who better than me?” I said, in my head, though I’m certain not out loud. He heard what I was thinking, none-the-less, or maybe it was seeing the photographic results from Paul & Kayleieh’s wedding that said what needed saying and he and Alice proceeded with booking me to photograph their wedding, and for that I was really very happy.

They married at Moonfleet Manor in Dorset and celebrated into the night at Portesham Village Hall, a wedding day that had a great family feel to it, enormous warmth of spirit, resonantly down to earth and expressed with great thought and creativity, all at once. I couldn’t have found myself in a happier place to bring my year of weddings to a conclusion, amongst a circle, that circle part of a Venn Diagram of people whose company I have valued, whose inclusion of me in their wedding days has enriched my soul.

Oh, and the registrar that conducted Ross & Alice’s marriage ceremony… he was the same one that had officiated over Cheryl & Matt’s ceremony, with great warmth and good humour on both occasions, I would add. Considering I’d never encountered him at a wedding before Cheryl & Matt’s, nor did I again until Ross & Alice’s, that was something that added all the more to the inter-linking of cast and characters that wove all of these experiences together. This experience, this story… this is theirs, Ross & Alice and daughter, Imogen too… View full post »

Asylum & Balham Bowls Club Wedding Photography : George & Will


So… how did this all come about? I was photographing my first wedding of 2014, that of Cheryl & Matt on the Isle of Portland in Dorset. Cheryl & Matt kindly sat me as a guest for dinner. On a nearby table were sat Paul & Kayleieh whose wedding I would be photographing a couple of months later on another Isle, the Isle of Purbeck (also in Dorset). At Paul & Kayleieh’s wedding I would be sat as a guest for dinner too, next to Cheryl & Matt. Sat to my left, at Cheryl & Matt’s wedding, was Will, left of image up above. Sat to his left was George, right of image up above. George said to me, “You photographed Ben & Sarah’s wedding, didn’t you?” I had indeed, back in… 2010, in London. George, a friend of Ben’s from school days onwards, had been a guest at that wedding (I did indeed find a photograph or two featuring her when I looked back through my archives). Ben had once been a student of mine and had become a good friend too. Then, a little later into the year, George & Will booked me to photograph their London wedding so that neatly sews everything together then! I am though also inclined to mention that, theirs being my last but one wedding of 2014, the last one of the year for me came the following weekend, that of Ross & Alice, back down in Dorset. Ross is Paul’s brother thus I met with Paul & Kayleieh again at that wedding and the registrar that conducted their marriage ceremony was the same one that had officiated over Cheryl & Matt’s marriage ceremony, and those were the only weddings I’d ever come across him. Into the evening, back to George & Will’s wedding, I was again sat as a guest for dinner, this time next to Ben & Sarah and Cheryl & Matt. My ultimate aim, with a target year of 2020 in mind, is to spend an entire twelve month period photographing weddings at which the couples getting married at all the other weddings I’ll be photographing that year are guests.

That’ll be great, great fun :~)

George & Will married at Asylum in London – married twice, in fact, back to back; up and down that aisle like yoyo’s – and celebrated at the BBC, the Balham Bowls Club. Asylum is a remarkable place, an amazing place, a remarkably amazing place. Balham Bowls Club is beautifully down to Earth and really rather funky both at the same time. All of those superlatives I would apply equally, and unabashedly so, to George and to Will. They’d made for the perfect dinner partners all those many months earlier and on their wedding day I became all the more, increasingly so, with consistency at every turn, engaged by the rich and vivid layer cake of wit, intellect, mirthfulness and talent that was revealed in their nature. This is the story of their wedding day… View full post »

Hotel du Vin Poole Wedding Photography : Steph & Ryan


As much as in meeting them and finding what they are in their words, deeds and actions, there is often much to be found in encountering the things that people have created and left for others to experience. In this respect, even though I wasn’t to meet with her in person until some five years later, I first gained a very strong sense of an intrinsic aspect of Steph’s nature when I came across… her cupcakes. Yes, her cupcakes. They really did make that much of an impression on me; exquisitely – with each syllable of that word enunciated with the utmost clarity – crafted, evidence to me of a creator with exceptionally well developed attention to detail and pride in the results of her creative endeavours. And they very much tasted at least as good as they looked, too. Steph used to operate a bakery business and I first came across her masterpieces at one of the first weddings that I photographed back in 2009, that of Emma & Ian in Bournemouth, then a second time in 2010, at the wedding of Meleza & James on the Isle of Purbeck. I’d sent Steph copies of the photographs that I’d taken of her creations and she – it transpired – kept track of what I do, through my blog, down the ensuing years.

I was really rather flattered then, when Steph made contact with me to ask if I might photograph her forthcoming wedding, her marriage to Ryan and the celebrations that would ensue. People involved in creating things for weddings tend to have access to a good deal in the way of examples of the works of photographers, and knowing that my mode of image making spoke perfectly to her and to Ryan made for a very happy prospect in my mind.

They married on the anniversary of their very first date, with a ceremony at Poole Guildhall and celebrations a short walk away at the Hotel du Vin. I am always cognisant of the notion that a wedding’s significance is in some part about the gathering of people, sometimes in large part, almost as much in some sense as it is about the act taking place at the centre of it all. Typically though, through my relationship to such an event, my sense of occasion does centre most strongly around the couple but Steph & Ryan’s wedding day left a clear impression upon me of an event that had been thoughtfully designed in such a manner that the act of a marriage celebrated would serve as a catalyst for a resounding gathering of family, and of friends with bonds as strong as family, to bring an interlinked array of people together in one place and to celebrate the bonds that linked everyone, bonds that wove a pattern around – and to the epicentre – of that occasion. It really did work that way and was additionally enriching to experience as a result. This is the story of Steph & Ryan’s wedding day… View full post »