Brecon Wedding Planning : Aled & Nia

A sizeable proportion of my clients seem to have a predilection for combining wedding planning with moving home. Both are things that bring great joy. Both are also things that have their fair share of stresses in the build up. Aled bought a house in Cardiff some ten years ago. It’s now sold, subject to contract, and he and Nia will set about buying a new home together. They’ll also be marrying, in Brecon, just a few days before Christmas. I visited them at their outgoing Cardiff home this weekend to discuss wedding day plans, the concept of photographic inoculation and the notion that the stresses of home buying actually cancel out the stresses of wedding planning and vice versa, leaving only the joyous bits to… enjoy. It’s something akin to two waves of equal wavelength and amplitude colliding head on with each other. Result: no waves.

You may wonder, if that’s the case, that if the stress from two functions cancel each other out then wouldn’t the enjoyment of one function likewise affect the other. I can say with certainty, that isn’t the case though. It’s science basically. Or maybe it’s maths; multiplication of negatives having a different outcome to multiplication of positives. Diametrically opposed functionality even.

Regardless of my being no scientist, nor a mathematician, both Aled & Nia seem to be very much enjoying all of it and that I could measure simply by spending some time in their company. View full post »

London Wedding Photography : Elli & Gavin : Part One

I operate a business within which I offer a service and a product. For this I charge a fee. From this I make my living. Week in, week out however I derive an additional stream of profit in an altogether non-pecuniary form that reminds me consistently why I first chose to build what I do around the framework of a business. The business is there to provide sustainability to what I do, to provide solid support to the continuous pushing of my practice and certainly to provide a functional method of delivering to those that pay my wage.

I do what I do though because it is phenomenally good fun, to be given license to immerse myself in the realm of image making and story telling. It’s more than that though, a great deal more, certainly. It’s phenomenally rewarding to be given access to one of the most significant days in someone’s life, the lives of two people, more people again when embracing the surrounding emotional stake-holders, and to find oneself in the privileged position of witnessing a great deal more that occurs on that day than any other individual in attendance.

There’s profit in all of that but there’s something more again, something I feel certain will keep me coming back time and again to experience more such stories. It’s the simple but important reminder of the humanity to be found in people, people like Elli & Gavin. This is their story. View full post »

London Wedding Photography : Elli & Gavin : Part Two

Elli & Gavin met in the Himalayas, married at St. Stephen Walbrook in the City of London and celebrated at the Sunbeam Studios in Ladbroke Grove. Exciting enough as the story of their meeting was, exciting enough as it was to witness a marriage conducted in a church that Sir Christopher Wren used in part as a prototype for the rebuilding of St. Paul’s Cathedral, my heart was nigh on aflutter on discovering they had chosen a large scale photographic studio within which to stage the ensuing party; not an associative geek-like excitement at its connection with photography, I hasten to add, so much as excitement at the blank canvases afforded by huge white walls and what Elli & Gavin planned to paint on those canvases. View full post »

Pie & Mash

I’m delighted to see Sarah & Jon’s Somerset wedding featured today on Rock My Wedding. Sarah & Jon married at Court Farm, Standerwick at the tail end of June of this year. Theirs makes for a marvellous story to read. Rock My Wedding, if you don’t already know it inside out, is the UK’s premiere wedding inspiration blog. Pop on over there to read all about Sarah & Jon’s big day.

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London Wedding Photographer : Jacquie & Dave : Part One

Nineteen Ninety Eight was the year The Big Lebowski was released (to many, a seminal film; there are others from the Coen brothers that corral my mind more emphatically). Saving Private Ryan was released the same year. I watched that at the cinema. In the foyer, afterwards, I saw old men cry. Tears of recognition and reminiscence that touched me profoundly. That same year again, in rescuing and bringing to the big screen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Terry Gilliam did as good a job of the film as might have been done, considering the circumstances. I place a great deal of stock in what Terry Gilliam does. 1998 was the year that Dave embarked upon his undergraduate studies, on a course I had just been assigned to lead. The release of those films is likely apropos to the latter fact but I’ve been sat here, wondering what else of significance happened those fourteen years ago. I’ve been meandering online. Googling, as modern parlance has it. Google was formed in 1998, as it happens (coined the year before, though).

So during the year that the Lunar Prospector found evidence of frozen water on the Moon, a liquid ocean was discovered under a thick crust of ice on Europa and building of the International Space Station commenced, Dave left school to set off for university; Jacquie, I believe, was approaching the conclusion of her A’ level studies at that same school (their paths didn’t mingle fully until some years later though) and I was trying to get my head around the enormity of my new career role. Some 14 years later I was photographing their wedding. During those interim years it had been a great pleasure to get to know Dave and to work alongside him (it might have been the curve ball he threw me during a presentation I was delivering, when he declared that he was allergic to colour and asked if there was anything that might be done to accommodate this idiosyncrasy, that provided the spur towards friendship or indeed it might have been any one of a number of not dissimilar encounters). Jacquie I had only met more recently and have found myself captivated by her energy, keenness of mind and abundantly evident generosity of spirit from the off. I’m happy for Dave; enormously so.

There’s genuine privilege in photographing all weddings but when it’s one that, were I not a photographer, I’d have attended as a guest pure and simple, there’s something all the more profound about the experience. You can’t beat a profound experience. Hopefully though, you can relate to others something of what it was all about. View full post »