Lymington Wedding : Sam & Pete : Part Three

If you’ve happened upon Sam & Pete’s wedding day at this stage you may wish to rewind to part one before making your way back via the ceremony and the twirling of the dress to the speeches, as Sam’s father delivers an evocative appraisal of his daughter and welcomes Pete into the family.

Physiognomic lexicologists, I dare say, might enjoy reading within the photographic results.

For myself and I would hope all those others present, they present an opportunity to relive a particularly fine and often-times touching, often-times highly amusing conglomeration of words.

Pete’s turn. He said all the right things, in all the right ways, as one does when it’s from the heart.

Adam, one of Sam’s brothers, proved to be the commensurate Master of Ceremonies. Featured triptych right below, he seems to be fluent in a gesticulatory language also spoken by Best Man, Ben. I think Adam is granting permission to “open bay doors” and Ben is responding, “Everyone take cover”. A storm of hilarity was certainly approaching.


In previous features I’ve likened a good set of speeches to a SWOT analysis for a new marriage, celebrating people’s strengths, laying bare and dispensing with the weaknesses, pondering on future opportunities and pushing any foibles aside with a strong brush of humour. Ben’s speech was a relentless Atlantic storm, waves breaking repeatedly against shore, crests of humour leaving everyone laughing except for Pete whom was largely just soaked by it all but the erosion of that storm, having run its course, left a promontory of strong character standing. And that is what it’s all about.

Along the way I was pulled below the surface by a confused undercurrent of metaphors, it seems, but my cameras managed to stay afloat.

Pete is consoled, post Best Man's speech.

The food at Stanwell House was, quite simply, delicious. A menu of honest, rustic English cuisine was chosen (and certainly no oxymoron at work there). I've not tasted better cabbage.

A creamy bouquet.

Some time back, possibly a year ago, I posted a piece centred around my use of a Polaroid SLR 680 camera. The 600 format film used by the camera is no longer produced; having taken hundreds of photographs with that camera, I was left with two packs of ten shots stored in my fridge. Sam sent me an email, appreciative of the aesthetic of the images. Remembering that email I brought the camera along with me to her wedding, and one of those two remaining packs of film.

There’s certainly a quality to them that remains highly enchanting, especially in an age of immediate digital feedback and infinite replicability. One pack left to go.

Rear Window.

We twirled that dress so much it wore out the receptors on my camera's sensor.

The twirling worked its way in to a custom function.

This week's answer to the existential crisis of wedding photography.

Sam & Pete, it was simply marvellous. Thank you for having me along.

Contact Hampshire wedding photographer Phillip Allen : : 07870 696248

diane shepherd - Good afternoon Phil

We have now seen all the photos that you have posted for Sam and Pete’s wedding. It is wonderful to see how you have captured the event so well and the text you have added is very much appreciated. Both Graham and I are amazed at your skill and talent and we are so pleased that Sam and Pete chose you to record their special day. It is a great gift to bring such joy to others and long may you continue to do so. Many of these photos will become family heirlooms long enjoyed after we are all gone. Thank you so much.

‘Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?’

Your photos capture this perfectly

Best wishes

Diane Shepherd

Leon Steber - Mister Phill – I love your way with words in the telling of the wedding day story, the pictures are stunning. They must be chuffed with these, I would be!

Mark Parker - Mister Phill – Amazing work as usual. Normally I tend to be most excited by the technicalities of post processing (I particularly admire your warm BW processing) – but in this case I am moved by the moments you have captured. Awesome job with that!

gabe aceves - beautifully done. i really love the black and white conversions. the last shot is RAD.

Magan Blasig - Phill, I love your work. I mean, not many people could wow me with a series of out-of-focus twirling dress shots, but YOU did. :) Awesome!

Jason Lloyd - The usual high class story telling in both words and pictures and what a great comment from Diane Shepherd. Well done Phill, you continue to inspire with your work, but I fear a dictionary link may be required in future posts… :o)

Joseph Yarrow - I think we’d have you as our photographer if we weren’t already married Phill.
Your images are honest and kind.
I loved reading the article about your polaroid film. Giving a pack to Pete and Sam was the most selfless act!

Thomas Lester - Love these! The B&G have to be thrilled. Love your sense of humor, too! Great work.

Michelle Guzman - Everyone looks so happy! Love these. The bride twirling is so fun. :)

Rich - Very nice. Love the dance photos!

Chris Mackenzie - Phil, I’m amazed at the quantity and quality of the images in this post.

Your photography is superb so many decisive moments captured, your a master.


Rae - Gorgeous! I love these pics! What great wedding coverage, they must be stoked!

Kevin Mullins - Top work as always Phil. You really do capture the full essence of the day and tell the full story too!

Heather - Love the cake cutting photographs!

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