Snow Day

“I’ve never seen snow before,” she claimed. “Yes you have,” I retorted. “Not when I was four years old I haven’t,” she concluded in her own idiosyncratic fusion of tenses.

So out we ventured.

Chances of clearing the car of snow?


Weather sealed camera and lens?

Err... check!


"Kung Fu Panda!"

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Cristina - Glad to see the young miss Phill enjoyed it ;) Great images, and that snowman is a masterpiece! The mug is a nice touch :)

Mike Galley - There’s snow doubt about it some more cracking shots from Mr Phil. Sorry Phil couldn’t resist. Lovely natural happy shots made me smile. :-)

Debs @ Belle Amour - She’s beautiful. As are these images. Exactly the reason I want to get good at photography so that one day, when I have children, I’ll have some amazing shots for the family albums! Good work on the very photogenic snowlady too :)

Pam - Only you could make a snowman look beautiful! “Ooooh, what did she use for the eyes?”, asks Ella…

Carrie - What fab pics – what a great snowman! Love those earmuffs too!

John Parker - Beautiful series of shots. Nice to see the promotional items make an appearance as well.

Hmm… I gots to get me a set of Panda ear muffs. :-)

Thomas - Fab pictures, that is one smooth snowman, and one happy little girl! It’s not fair, your snow’s much deeper than ours and you’re by the sea! Nice use of product placement at the end. Oh, just seen Mr Parkers comment so I’m not so original after all, nevermind!

Emma Davenport - That’s the sassiest snow(wo)man I ever did see.

HayleyRuth - What a fabulous Snow day story, I love the statement, “not when I was 4 I haven’t” priceless! The flamingo and kung fu panda, LOL beautiful!!

greg - daughters are special aren’t they :)

wyndawes - Like the garden Phill…and the the work of the young sculptress. Although, she has made you look a little on the pale side… and I don’t recall your nose looking as red as that.

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