Dorset Wedding Planning : Katie & Tom

Katie & Tom live down under in Melbourne but will be returning to Dorset to marry… some time, I think they settled on December of this year in the end. I’m absolutely certain they did in fact (it’s firmly in the diary, don’t worry!) but it’s been a bit of an adventure for them, to put it mildly, planning a wedding from afar and squaring all of that with a job change. Katie amongst other things is a family portrait photographer in Melbourne considering which it’s additionally flattering to have been chosen to photograph her and Tom’s wedding. We met up recently at Compton Acres in Poole where they’ll marry (a venue change or so later; it really has been quite a wedding planning roller-coaster ride for them), to discuss their wedding day plans and for a bit of a play with the camera. I like to work out what my clients are thinking and feeling when they’re being photographed. Katie, it turned out, was typically wondering what f-stop and shutter speed I was using. I’ll make sure to keep the EXIF data intact in the wedding day images Katie.

We did wonder who on Earth J. Stanley Beard was. Well here we have it; he was an architect and the designer of some fantastic London cinemas.

“Did it work?” “No.” Turns out it did…

Here is the news…

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thomas - Beautiful set, stunning. Love the reflected portraits, especially the B&W one.

Phillip Allen - Thanks Thomas :~)

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